There are different types of t-shirt printing techniques: screen printing, cad cut vinyl, direct garment printing, transfer printing, etc. In this article, I will present you with different printing techniques that would clear all your concerns and equip you to effectively plan your business and start without batting an eye.

From the onset, there are a lot of challenges that are encountered whenever it comes to legal issues that can easily throw one off balance and disorganized. A lot of people’s dream had been washed down the drain because of the fears associated with this. But with this article, you will be able to learn about those legal guidelines and be on your way to greatness in t-shirt business. Such issues include the type of picture to use for the t-shirt design, the kind of brand logo to use, the difference between copyright and trademark and a whole lot of others. Every business has to be legalized and so I consider it wise to state some of the legal guidelines you should know before you jump into that t-shirt business.

Things To Know About The Copyright And Trademarks

The foremost thing to know when it comes to t-shirt business is how to copyright the designs of t-shirt and also how to protect the brand name of the business legally. Copyright and trademarks are two different things. Copyright is having the right to copy and giving the copyright holder the right to get credit for the work, in order to determine who can adapt it to other forms. It also covers who will get benefit from it and other rights not stated here. In the other hand, a trademark is a name, logo, symbol, etc. or combination of these. It is necessary to copyright the t-shirt designs and also trademarks your business brand name and logo so that they would be protected legally. If the money is not there as you are just starting, you can leave it and do it later when the fund comes because it is not too necessary for t-shirt business.


Things To Know About Writing And Signing Of Contracts

If you are going into joint business with someone, it is expedient that official contract is signed between you and the person. Don’t rush into signing it without first getting to know all that is involved. Check the options you have and the future of the company before you sign the contract. If you are the one that would draft the contract, then go online and sample the ones written by people and use it to draft yours. You can as well checkbooks and get ideas on how to draft a contract.

Things To Know About Making Caricature Of Familiar Figures, Icons, And Logos

Even though this is accepted but it has to be done with caution so that it doesn’t get out of hand. When you use it to the extent of getting the person involved irritated, there is a possibility of you being attacked either by the person or the fans. So you need to be careful in using familiar figures.


Things To Know About Using Political Figures

In as much as it is safe to use images of political figures when designing your t-shirts, it has to be done with caution because using a famous photo of a political figure can get you tracked down and you would pay dearly for it.

Things like flags, coat of arms and other national symbols can be used in your t-shirt designs without any fear anytime.

I believe I have extensively given you those guidelines you need to know before you can launch into your t-shirt printing business. For more information, please click on this link to read more.

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